Tips and Tricks to be More Productive With Your Mac

Easy steps that you could follow for a greater Mac experience.

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Tips for Terminal

Change default shell to zsh.

The Terminal is one of the most useful applications on Mac, and it helps users in many ways. With the Mac OS Catalina update, zsh became the default interactive shell.

chsh -s /bin/zsh
echo $SHELL
chsh -s /bin/bash

Creating files using Terminal

As I said before, the Terminal helps you to do many tasks with just a few commands. You can create a file in your desired location and insert data into it via the Terminal with a single command.

echo Sample Text > NewFile.txt

Customise user preferences.

You don’t need to stick to the default Terminal settings. You are always capable of changing it according to your preferences.

Clear the Terminal

If you wish to clear the Terminal and start from the beginning or you need to remove the previous commands on the Terminal and get a new window, use control + L to clear the Terminal rather than opening a new window or reopening the Terminal.

Delete files using keyboard shortcuts

In the usual scenario, you need to select the relevant files/folders, then right-click and have to select Move to Bin.

Use Go to the folder: prompt box for navigation within Finder

To go to a specific location in Finder, use command + shift + g and enter your location on Go to the folder: prompt box.

Use Force Quit instead of Shutdown & Restart.

Sometimes we don’t get the expected response from an application or maybe nothing at all. On such occasions, you can use Force Quit instead of shutting down or restarting your Mac.

Remove Suggestions on Chrome

Even though Mac comes with a Safari browser, many users still use Chrome as their default browser. But if you’re using Apple Handoff, then Safari should be your default browser.

Taking a screenshot of your Touch Bar

Have you ever tried capturing your Touch Bar? Having introduced a Touch Bar on MacBooks, Apple changed the whole user experience of using laptops.



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