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IT undergrad 👨‍🎓 | Former Software Engineer Intern 👨🏻‍💻 | Technical Content Writer | Open Source Contributor

Customise your Kubernetes resources without touching the original YAML configurations

Aerial view of construction site
Aerial view of construction site
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Argo CD is an open-source continuous delivery tool for your project which runs on Kubernetes

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Here’s how my free premium mentorship started

This post will discuss the main differences that you could find between Arrays and Slices in Go

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Here’s how WWDC21 took FaceTime to the next level

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Here’s why I prefer to live in the Apple Ecosystem.

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What do you think?

Why do you prefer to have Apple products? 🤔

Everything about all-new Apple App Clips.

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What is App Clips technology?

iPhone helps you stay away from the screen as well as being productive

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After 8 beta releases, iOS 14.5 is available to the public.

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This is known as the first time ever Apple released 8 betas for non-major iOS version.

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